Bitcoin Mining

Yes, everyone is talking about mining Bitcoins. It’s a hard concept to explain to most newcomers so let us just say this: Bitcoins are produced by computers. Computers work hard, use a lot of electricity to work for Bitcoins solving mathematical problems. Unlike central banks which print money without having any work or gold backing the money, Bitcoin is worked for. We have two mining options:

  1. For the person who wants to start small and might not want to network.

Contracts start at $25, ( about R390 in BTC value ) $50, $100 upwards to $500. You can buy as many as regularly as possible. When you sign up you do not have any fees, your contract starts 12 days after your payment has been received. There are other mining options too, so Bitcoin is not the only coin you can mine. No networking is expected on your behalf and you can withdraw as often as you want providing that the amount is above 0.00121 BTC. The average return is 5-8% per month: Click on the link below to signup today:

Click Here

If you want to go bigger and network with Bitcoin Mining, joining fee is $600, contracts start at $500 up to $10,000 and the returns are slightly better. You have all the benefits of signing other people up and earning $150 per signup.

Click Here.


Both of the above links are belonging to the same mine. The mine is based in USA but co-owned by South Africans and Americans.

Want to mine bitcoin?